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Anders Gertssons Maskinstation Malmö, Sweden

Farmer and contracter

Main production: Cerials and sugarbeet from seed to harvest.

”Thanks to this new concept - PLUG 'N' STORE™ - we can take care of all those small volumes of leftovers that always will be when handeling a lot of seeds and fertilizer in big bags. And we can do this in a very simple and flexiable way in the garage or out in the field. This has given us added value for our customers. What we appriciate the most is the simplicity and the flexiabillity in the concept, but also to be able to put back material in it´s original package. That is good for our money, our customer´s money and the enviroment!”

Markus Bengtsson, Skabersjö Gods, Sweden

I think this is a smart construction, it is simple and easy to use. We always have a set of PLUG-ITs with us in the tractor and in the loader. I’m really surprised how well it holds.

These two products, together, is of great value to me. Today, I don’t have to worry about opening a new big bag. I only take out what I need. If there should be anything left over, it’s only to return it to the big bag. This system, saves me both time and money!