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  • A big opening to facilitate and to catch material when shoveling.
  • A long pipe to lead the flow far into the bag.
  • A big diameter to make sure there isn´t any material stagnating in the pipe.
  • Made out of durable plastic.


  • Bring a gently opened singel use bag and put a PLUG-IT™ in it´s hole. Both the inner and the outer bag should be centered on PLUG-IT™.
  • Hang the bag on to the spear, thereafter FILL-IT™.
  • Cut a vertical cut in the outer bag, so the pipe of FILL-IT™ wont be disturbed by it.
  • Then open the inner bag and pull it over the pipe.
  • Put the spear in required angle and shovel the material into the bag.
  • Seal the innerbag once again. The bag is now ready for storage.