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PLUG-IT is a new patented and design protected product to discharge quantities out of big bags.


  • You can in a quick, simple and inexpensive way discharge the quantity you require which will save you time, money and the environment.
  • You can store material directly in the bag – which will give you a better logistic when ordering.
  • You won´t expose the material to moisture since the hole is sealed in the bottom of the bag.
  • PLUG-IT™ will help you to fix torn bags.



  • Make an opening in the shape of a cross, maximum 100 mm. Use an extended knife, in order not to stand under the bag.
  • Empty required quantity, bring PLUG-IT™ into the stream, push and tighten to the dead end.
  • Lower the bag with a gentle push to the ground. Now the bag is safe to store. It can be handled just as rough as any other bag.
  • A TIP! Put a 3” drainage hoze in the hole when you want to lead material further away from the bag.