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Save time, money and
the environment


PLUG-IT is a company arised out of two inventions that solve two different problems when handling big bags.

The innovations are protected, by patent and design protection due to the ingenius and simple construction.

Together they form a new concept for handling smaller quantities out of and in to big bags.

We believe that through our concept - PLUG 'N' STORE™ - our users will not only save money, labour and time, but it will also give them a better logistics in their big bag system.

On this website we present our innovations, as well as our customer´s experiences and some frequently asked questions with answers. We also offer the possibility to order the products directly from the site.

Please contact us for more information!


You can in a quick, simple and inexpensive way discharge the quantity you require which will save you time, money and the environment. Price in SEK, incl. VAT and shipping.

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Makes it possible to re-insert material to both opened and unopened big bags. Price in SEK, incl. VAT and shipping.

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PLUG-IT™ three-pack

Three PLUG-IT™ - discount. Price incl. VAT and shipping.

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Combi pack including three PLUG-IT™ and 1 FILL-IT™. Price in SEK, incl. VAT and shipping.

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